The economic size of investments in Turkey’s renewable energy sector, which reached a capacity of 52 thousand 353 megawatts as of the end of August, reached 66 billion dollars.

According to the information compiled by AA correspondent from the data of Turkey Electricity Transmission AŞ (TEİAŞ), Turkey’s installed electricity capacity reached 98 thousand 493 megawatts and the total number of electricity generation plants reached 10 thousand 101 as of the end of August.

Of this capacity, 31 thousand 441 megawatts of hydroelectric power, 10 thousand 14 megawatts of wind power, 7 thousand 435 megawatts of solar energy and 1650 megawatts of geothermal power plants constituted. The capacity of biomass (including waste heat) power plants was 1813 megawatts as of the end of August.

Thus, 32 percent hydroelectric power, 10.2 percent wind power, 7.5 percent solar power, 1.7 percent geothermal and 1.8 percent biomass power plants of the installed electricity capacity.